Heritage Point

Heritage Point, now a residential development, located in St. Catharines, Ontario, was transformed from a group of six industrial sites: a brickyard, forge, transformer site, former landfill, light industrial and commercial building sites. The development spans 14.5 acres and containments previously included Petroleum Hydrocerbous, metals and a former landfill. The first phase of what is a now a thriving residential community is complete and will be home to more than 200 units. New units are currently under construction.

Artisan Ridge

Artisan Ridge, located in Thorold, Ontario, is a 60 acre development that spans what used to be four industrial sites for abrasives and chemical manufacturing, a rail line and vacant industrial loads. The land is currently being re-mediated for development of a 550-unit residential community. An extensive recycling operation is ongoing and our growing fleet of specialized equipment will enable Baiocco Construction Corp. to provide specialized solutions for future environmental remediation projects.